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As a licensed massage therapist, I am certified in neuromuscular sports and therapeutic massage. I am also nationally certified and a member of AMTA. Specializing in helping people overcome chronic pain, improving performance skills and enhancing the quality of their every day lives is my passion.
My many years of experience in health and wellness have equipped me to identify and address each person’s individual needs. I have been involved in sports events and worked in rehabilitation facilities. I understand and evaluate the balance that is needed between the hard and soft tissue muscles of the body. With the proper combination, wellness and health can be achieved.
“Then your light will break forth like the dawn,
And your healing will quickly appear.” 
Isaiah 58:8

Elizabeth M. Arguez, LMT, NCTMB

Therapeutic Massage and Structural Therapy

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30 minute massages
Therapeutic (relaxation) $30.00
Neuromuscular (Deep tissue) $35.00
Orthopedic (Medical Massage) $40.00
Essential oils of choice
 60 minute massages
 Therapeutic (relaxation) $60.00
 Neuromuscular (Deep Tissue) $65.00-Stretching is optional
 Orthopedic  Massage (Medical Massage) $75.00-Stretching is optional

BareFoot Massage (Ashiatsu) $75.00 – compression movements along the paraspinals and lumbar region can relieve muscle spasm and open the intervertebral foramen. It will give the nerves more space if the pain is being caused by the pressure on the nerve.  It also increases circulation bringing more freshly oxygenated blood to the area being treated. (Stretching is optional)

75 minute session

Raindrop therapy (Young living essential oils) $85


90 minute massages
 Therapeutic (relaxation) $90.00
 Neuromuscular(Deep Tissue) $95.00- Stretching is optional
 RainDrop ( Young Living Essential oils) $100.00
 Orthopedic Massage (Medical Massage) $100.00-Stretching is optional
 BareFoot Massage (Ashiatsu) $100.00-Stretching is optional


Seated Chair Massage Available
$5 discount for first massage therapy appointment
Military and Teachers discount available with ID
If financial hardship is preventing you from receiving massage therapy please discuss this with me.
Cancellation Policy  Unless there is an emergency, it is requested that you cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance or pay the missed appointment fee in full.
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